How to play Fun88 blackjack & win a 130% bonus of up to ₹10k

Discover how to play Fun88 blackjack, one of the rare casino games that are beatable in the long run with the top-grade roof and the most loyal online betting games in India. Win a 130% welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000

What is online Fun88 blackjack?


Play Fun88 Blackjack Online  Play Fun88 Online Blackjack

Playing Fun88 blackjack online is a fabulous alternative to experience this famous game that offers many exciting bonuses and benefits over playing in a live casino. You can play anytime you want, without moving out of the house, and if you’re a newbie, you don’t need to get bothered about any mistakes or strategies of other players.

How to start playing Fun88 blackjack in 3 steps

Fun88 blackjack is the major of each live casino and even more appealing with a live dealer. As you play live casino online, Fun88 blackjack is adhered to hold you by its simplistic refreshing proposition. Here are the three easy steps to discover playing at Fun88 blackjack

Step 1: Visit the Fun88 website, go to Live Casino & select Evolution Gaming

To start your play at Fun88 blackjack, you need to visit the Fun88 site. See the directions here to reach the Fun88 blackjack


  • Players need to log in if they’re an existing user of Fun88; else, they need to do Fun88 register if they do not have an account at the Fun88.
  • Once you completed register/login your account, make Fun88 Deposit and Pick Live Casino.
  • Select Evolution gaming (Fun88 recommends this provider as that is the most popular one. It has the lowest betting entry at Fun88 Live Casino).
  • Click on the “Bet Now” button as the final step.

Step 2: Pick a table that gives the lowest betting choice of ₹50


  • After clicking the Betting button of the most recommended Evolution Gaming provider by Fun88, a new window or a tab will open. You need to understand the next step here to find online Fun88 blackjack rooms.
  • Click on a blackjack. There are 23 different blackjack tables; you can select any table as far as the table is open to playing. Evolution Gaming has the cheapest blackjack table among other online casino providers at Fun88 blackjack.
  • Select the Blackjack Party table, if you are unable to see the table you can search by applying the filter as per entry-amount like Rs 50-500.

Step 3: Begin the online game of Fun88 blackjack


  • You will provide a time limit of 13 seconds to put your odds once you get a place at the table. The dealer can say No More Bets and at the same declare in the center of the side.
  • Finally, to get a winning bonus, you must make a Fun88 withdrawal; if you win.

Note: If you require any help concerning sports and casino betting and other website features, you can always reach out to Fun88 customer care via 24×7 Live Chat. The customer service assistant is active in answering your inquiries.

The intention of Fun88 Blackjack

Beat the dealer. There are some misunderstandings regarding the Fun88 blackjack game’s purpose, but at the most superficial level, all you are seeking to do is beat the dealer.

How do you beat the dealer of Fun88 Blackjack in 3 ways

  1. A player can beat the dealer by drawing a higher hand value than the dealer’s hand value.
  2. When the dealer is drawing a hand value that goes over 21, you can earn a possibility to beat the dealer.
  3. When the dealer does not exceed a hand drawing by 21 but drawing a hand value of 21 on your first two cards, you can easily beat the dealer.

How do you lose to the dealer at Fun88 blackjack in 2 ways

  1. When your hand value exceeds 21
  2. When at the end of the round, the dealer’s hand has a higher value than yours

Note: The other player’s hands at the table have nothing to do with winning the Fun88 blackjack game like they do in other games. For all sensible persistence, it’s just you versus the dealer.

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5 Distinct variations in Fun88 Blackjack Gameplay

Before you start playing, it the most useful to review for any differences in blackjack betting rules. Live casino Fun88 blackjack’s rules can differ among providers and games, but let’s move toward a few of the most common ones

  1. The insurance bet: For example, the dealer has an ace, a side bet is given generally at 2-1
  2. Push: The player and the dealer both have 21, so no one wins or loses. Insurance bets are still getting paid.
  3. Surrender: This can only occur after the first two cards are get dealt with the player. Half the player’s bet is lost, half is getting kept, and the hand isn’t getting played at all.
  4. If a player gets 10 and an ace after a split, this isn’t blackjack. Preferably, it counted as 21.
  5. Sometimes, after splitting, doubling isn’t allowed.

4 Primary Fun88 blackjack rules for newbies

Each player takes turns to act on their hand from the player at the right. When it is your turn to play, you will be having several options like


  1. Stand: Take no further action and remain with the value of the cards in your hand.
  2. Hit: Take another card to try to improve the value of your hand. The option can use multiple times.
  3. Double Down x2: Double the amount you have bet on your hand and receive one more card and no more.
  4. Split: When a player’s first two cards are of identical value, you can make a “Split” by doubling your bet and getting two more cards. It efficiently provides you two hands to play.

Note: If you split Aces, you only dealt one more card to each hand and can not hit for extra cards. A 21 hit after splitting is not blackjacking as the cards are not the first two dealt, and hence only gives 1 to 1. You won’t be able to split hands more than once.

Fun88 blackjack Gameplay in easy 9 steps

  1. An unlimited blackjack is a form of blackjack where countless players can play the same hand.
  2. Unlimited blackjack brings the possibility to let an unlimited amount of players play at the same blackjack table simultaneously against the dealer, without any seat availability limitation.
  3. Two players can make different game decisions on the same hand, which means that one player, can “Hit” and the other player can “Stand.” Each player will win or lose according to his game decision.
  4. The game rules of Unlimited Blackjack
  5. Fun88 blackjack is a casino banked game, which means players face the house rather than each other. The purpose is to get a hand total of closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21 (busting).
  6. At the start of a Fun88 blackjack game, the players and the dealer are get dealt 2 cards each. The player’s cards are typically getting dealt face up, while the dealer has one face down, which is called “Hole Card”, and one face up. The best possible blackjack hand is an opening deal of an ace with any 10 point card.
  7. The cards 2 to 10 counted as per their face value. Face cards such as Jack, Queen, and King, are all counted as 10. Aces can be worth 1 or 11. A hand’s rate is the total of the card rates. Players are allowed to stand or draw additional cards to improve their hands; however, if their new total will be above 21, they’ll be “Busted” and lose their hand.
  8. Once all the players have finished their cards, the dealer’s turn will begin. The dealer hand will not end unless all players have busted or got blackjacks. The dealer next unveils the hidden card and must hit until its total is 17 or more. If the dealer and a player have a similar result except counting blackjack, called “Push”. The player usually does not win or lose money on that hand. Otherwise, the dealer wins.
  9. With one exception: Splits are an automatic play on specific pairs. You can either split or play with only one of the split hands.


Fun88 Blackjack can play for enjoyment or actual money on Internet gambling sites. The significant benefits of playing Fun88 blackjack online are service, usually more helpful rules, and profitable sign-up bonuses. The Fun88 site has 24×7 customer support staffed by trained employees that is simple for a customer to endure.

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