Top 5 Dragon Tiger game tricks: How to win bonus up to ₹10k

Discover the top 5 compelling dragon tiger game tricks playing online and your most high-grade choice to bet on dragon or Tiger. To win online Dragon Tiger games you must learn these Dragon Tiger game tricks.

5 Powerful & easy Dragon Tiger game tricks to play online for beginners

Casino players who are looking for different online games should consider Dragon Tiger. It is popular since it has pace and simplicity as it is played with a 52 cards deck without Jokers or wild cards. Also, members will not be playing opposite to the dealer. Here are 5 unique ideas to improve the chances of winning with the Dragon Tiger game tricks below.


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1. Bet on a Tiger or Dragon

  • Adhering to Dragon or Tiger odds is the most suitable choice for players who don’t desire to rely on approach or card counting is one of the main Dragon Tiger game tricks.
  • Put a bet on the dragon or the Tiger’s hand that will rank the highest. These bets return more extra as the house edge bets are 3%.

2. The card counting approach

  • Members who desire to score the cards can rely on this strategy to avoid an unfortunate drawing.
  • Dragon Tiger works with few cards, so the Dragon Tiger game tricks are making it more apparent to trace how many small or large cards had dealt.
  • Consequently, one can efficiently follow how many 7s are getting dealt, and if a 7 got drawn, a player would lose the bet.
  • Overall, tracing and avoiding these untimely sevens may raise one’s possibilities of winning a bet.

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3. The suit-based approach

  • A different card tracking approach is to locate which suits had dealt with the most.
  • For example, determining the number of suit cards in a game and the number of decks utilized can help.
  • Fulfilling this will enable a player to decide which suits have been played the most. Hence, the player must bet on the least played card suit.

4. Avoid the Tie and the Suited Tie betting

  • Putting a tie bet could result in big winnings, but the possibilities of winning are narrow.
  • Players may crave to avoid betting because the house edge on the tie bet is 32%.
  • Among 86,320 potential card sequences, barely 6,488 are ties. Hence, 79,872 bets can result in a loss.
  • With those odds, this makes it one of the most challenging bets to win.
  • Further, the suit tie bet has a more unsatisfactory outcome, with 1,456 bets resulting in a tie.
    So, one must feel extremely fortunate before getting on those odds.

5. Avoid the betting schemes in Dragon Tiger

  • Dragon Tiger is a simplistic game, and some players would recommend using the betting schemes.
  • Though, there have been no records of anyone winning high from those betting rules.
  • So, it would be best to play without practicing it because it’s not worth the chance.

3 Bonus points on the dragon tiger game tricks

As its name suggests, it stands for the dragon and the tiger bet. The game is related to baccarat, but it is the two card variants. You may not know much about the dragon tiger game, so here are things on the dragon tiger game tricks.


1. Dragon Tiger game tricks: Beginning of the game

  • Dragon tiger game is firstly get founded in Cambodia.
  • Many people prefer to play dragon tiger games as the game is straightforward and fast.
  • Unlike the baccarat game, the player must take the card once without taking additional cards in the dragon tiger casino.
  • This game is similar to baccarat since there are three bets, dragon, tiger, and tie.

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2. Dragon Tiger game tricks: The gameplay

  • The dealer deals the card to the players and then holds a card openly on the casino board.
  • If the player receives the higher and highest card, he will win the game. Before that, you must understand that the Ace card has the weakest rate.
  • If the player picks either dragon or tiger bet and the outcome is a tie, the dealer will get all the money.
  • If the dragon tiger wins the game, the players who wish the tie bet will lose half money.
  • It is similar to baccarat, where the dragon tiger bet carries the lowest house edge. While the tie bet has the most potent house edge, winning is the greatest, but the winning possibility is the lowest.

3. Dragon Tiger game tricks: Maximum bet will not work

  • In playing dragon tiger, the maximum bet will not work well. Let’s see. If you place the maximum bet on the dragon or tiger and win, the profit is not that high. Moreover, if the tie bet wins, you will lose all your money. So, a maximum bet does not always give the best result for the players.
  • Those are some things you didn’t know about the dragon tiger casino game and some tips to win in the dragon tiger game. This fast and straightforward game suits you best if you like a card game with easy and short gameplay.


Dragon Tiger is a risk game, but that doesn’t imply that it can’t play without tactics. The dragon tiger game tricks stated earlier can enhance one’s likelihood of winning, keeping them in mind. But more importantly, the game is meant to have fun.

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