How to bet over under football at Fun88 – Cash Rewards ₹8k

The beginner’s guide explained how to bet over under football at Fun88. Learn and understand the basics level of over under football betting instructions by Fun88!

Fun88 Over Under Football   Fun88 Over Under Soccer Odds

Over under football betting is the ideal form to combine stuff up when putting your bets. Also recognized as total bets, over under football betting is most ordinarily can be found in many sports. Here at Fun88 once you become a member you’ll get a chance to win Cash Rewards up to ₹8,000 every week.


The system is pretty outspoken; the punter bets on whether the total number of something is over and under football prediction the line established by the bookmaker. The bettor does not require to predict the precise number, just whether the total number spreads over or under.

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3 Steps instruction on how to bet over under football at Fun88

Once you get what is over under football, it’s time to learn how to bet over under football at Fun88. Follow the 3 steps guide below to understand the playing concept.

Step 1: Access the Fun88 site officially & Login your account


  • The initial step will be the same for all the sportsbooks, which is to go to the official website of Fun88 through your device’s browser.
  • Once you’re on the homepage o the Fun88 already, you need to login into your account to start placing your bet.
  • If you’re not a member at Fun88, then what are you even waiting for? Follow the guide present on the Fun88 register and join today!

Step 2: Find Sports and Select Fun88 Sports to play over under football


  • Once you logged in or registered your account at Fun88 by depositing a minimum of ₹500, come to the homepage. Find the Sports section from the menu bar.
  • After selecting the Sports from the menu, click on the Fun88 Sports from the available options.
  • The new screen will appear as a timetable, sports types, and many more.
  • You need to choose a sport to place a bet, say football, then follow the next step.

Step 3: Start placing bets on over under football

After choosing the football from the left side of the screen, search for the O/U. Place your bet/bets over or under from the table.


  • Often in over under football betting, the totals come at 0.5 intervals.
  • It assures the bet returns an outcome and avoids tied bets. Rather than predict the event result, which is broadly recognized as more complicated, the bettor puts a wager on a host of various events.
  • The most prominent market expects the total goals in a match and whether the game will generate under or over a given bookmaker’s total set.


  • The most common goal edge from a bookmaker is frequently set at 2.5 goals. It implies that if 2 or fewer goals are scored, it will be under 2.5, and if 3 or more further goals are secured, it would be over 2.5.
  • The bettor doesn’t have to predict the precise number of goals, simply whether it will be over or under.
  • It also makes it simpler to predict whether a game can be a low or high-scoring event than to predict the match outcome.
  • The bet slip on the right shows each selection for the Accumulator Bet and the odds offered. As explained, the odds given are far more engaging with more risk than a single bet; that makes Fun88 Sportsbook so popular in over under football betting.


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As you can see, the sequences are endless, and this is the advantage of over under football betting at Fun88. Whether you desire to add a bit more extra to a particular match-up with the number of goals or raise a large Accumulator Bet with various totals, over under betting enables you to make so. It is the pick-and-mix of sports betting.


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