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What are Half-Time and Full-Time 1×2 Football betting on Fun88? This inquiry was questioned by several people and transferred to football betting forums. Fun88indi provides information concerning everyone’s requests to determine. You must perceive half-time & Full-time (HT & FT) 1×2 Football betting at the Fun88 bookmaker because this is challenging to predict. Still, the winning odds are very high.


The current form of 1×2 Football betting at Fun88 has brought many members, particularly those eager about football. This fun style is pretty different, so you must thoroughly understand individual bookmaker’s corresponding rules and guidance on the 1×2 football betting business when betting on each player. Information about football betting Half Time and Full Time is something many people are interested in, mainly those new to betting.

What is 1×2 football betting on Fun88?

Experts and professionals, 1×2 football betting players, explained Half Time and Full-Time football betting are also identified as half-time and full-time betting. It is one of the most random markets, but the reward in individual bet is attractive. Players only need to contribute a little money if the winning is higher than the other betting deals. However, when looking at HT and FT markets for new members on Fun88 1×2 football, it isn’t straightforward to learn and analyze each odds in it. Below, Fun88indi will describe in detail 1×2 football betting for everyone.


Half Time: It is assumed that half time and Full Time will be the entire match.

  • Home – Home: Bet on the home team to win the first half and win the entire match.
  • Home – Away: bet the home team wins the first half, and the away team wins the entire match.
  • Away – Away: bets on the away team to win the first half, and the whole away team wins.
  • Draw – Draw: 1st half draw and draw.
  • Home – Draw: Home team wins 1st half, and both sides take a draw
  • Draw – Home: bets on both teams to draw the first half and the home team to win the whole match.
  • Away – Home: 1st half betting on away team wins, both home team wins.
  • Draw – Away: bets on 1st half draw, and away team wins the whole match.

Get started to play 1×2 Football at Fun88

Once you learned the basics of what 1×2 football exactly is, you need to apply that learning while playing on the Fun88. Check the more sports betting games available in the Fun88 Sportsbook category. Follow the 3 steps procedure below and start playing, thus begin winning!

Step 1: Access Fun88 through Browser & Login into your account


  • The basic yet simplest 1st step will be visiting the official website of Fun88. You can access the website via your device’s browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or others.
  • Once you reach the homepage, you need to login into your account if you’re an existing user. Otherwise, follow the guide by reading the article Fun88 Register and signup on Fun88.

Step 2: Go to Sports and select Saba Sports


  • Once logged into your account, you’ll be redirected to the homepage of Fun88.
  • Locate the Sports category from the menu bar and pick Saba Sports by clicking on it.
  • After selecting Saba Sports, you’ll be redirected to the betting page of Saba Sports.
  • Select your preferred type of betting from the left-hand side of the screen by clicking 1×2 under the Football section as you want to bet on 1×2 football on Fun88. Follow the next step and start betting 1×2 football on Fun88.

Step 3: Place your Bets on 1×2 football at Fun88

  • When you’re already on the betting page and chose the preferred game team to place a bet on, decide the betting amount and confirm it.


  • You place combo bets as well. Just select the type you want to place bets and click on the Confirm Bets button from the betting slip, present on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • You can follow the next section talking about the 1×2 football tips used while playing on the Fun88. And don’t forget to withdraw your winning amount by reading the step-by-step guide Fun88 Withdrawal article page on the Fun88indi.

What is the Meaning of 1×2 in 1×2 football?

1X2 is a three-way bet type that holds the draw option. It is a traditional sport betting term where the selections are like below.

  • 1” symbolizing the first team placed (Team 1) to win
  • X” meaning Draw (tie)
  • 2” indicating the next team listed (Team 2) to win

Fun88 best 1×2 football tips

Besides querying what Half Time and Full-Time 1×2 Football betting are, several people are similarly concerned about when to bet the best access bet.


  • If the team had a comparatively open front, the competitor had secured the last goal. Still, the wedlock always got back, winning a thrilling victory. Thus, betting players can play HT / FT, weak side / strong side with this sort of dispute.
  • It means that the weak side will have an opportunity to start in the first half, the strong side will win at the end of the match.
  • In other instances, you believe that the strong team will lead the goal in the first half. The strong team will be penalized / the urge will progressively reduce.
  • You can choose HT / FT to win, draw, or win a strong/weak win.
  • If the game is 0 – 0, the player can win the HT / FT deal, Draw / Draw. Furthermore, all HT / FT bets that are not demanded will revert to the player’s account and be counted if the player has not obtained a bet.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Fun88 Now and start placing your bets on the 1×2 football under the Saba Sports section of the Fun88!!


Summing up the learning just presented above to respond for everyone to understand betting tips, placing bets and prediction for 1×2 football Half Time and Full Time at Fun88. Indeed, this will be the most meaningful information to improve people’s participation in placing bets in every match. Have fun while gambling at Fun88!

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